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Transparency is important to us for our work, for the cause we stand for and for the people who support us.

There are no uniform publication requirements for non-profit organizations in Hungary. We want to make ourselves and our work transparent on a voluntary basis. Because: In our opinion, anyone who works for the common good should tell the community what goals he and his organization are striving for, where the funds come from, how they are used and who the decision-makers are.

We compiled the following information in line with the guideline “Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft” (Transparent Civil Society Initiative) of Transparency International Deutschland e.V.. For more information please visit their website. (in German language)

Organization name, address, and founding year

Hungary Free and Fair Egyesület
Fazekas utca 27, Budapest 1027, Hungary
hungaryfreeandfair [at] gmail [dot] com
Registry number: 01-02-0013050
Founded in 2021.

Statutes and goals of organization

The aim of Hungary Free and Fair is to protect pluralist democracy against authoritarian recidivism. We focus on violations of individual rights and liberties enshrined in the Hungarian constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Our association is based on voluntariness in formation and in membership. We relys on autonomous decision-making structures. We do not performe sovereign tasks, we do participate in elections and do not endorse political parties. Our annual financial planing aims keep incomes and expenditures in balance. It is not our primary goal to generate profit.

Statute of the Association (in Hungarian, dated 22.02.2021)

Tax exemption status accorded to the organization

Hungary Free and Fair is exempted from paying corporate taxes under the assumptions that the association (a) will not perform taxable economic business operations and (b) will not generate commercial revenues in 2021. (see summary of Taxation of non-profit organisations (2021) by the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration)

Tax-Id. 18197505-1-41

Name and title of all key decision-makers

The organs of the association are the general assembly and the chairperson. The general assembly meets at least once a year and decides on the measures to promote the purpose of the association as well as on amendments to the statutes. The annual financial statements and business plan must be submitted to it regularly. It elects and discharges the chairperson and the auditors. The legal representative of the association is the chairperson.
Chairperson: Denes Lazar

Activity Report

We will publish our activity report for the year 2021 until May 2022.
Structure of human resources
Full-time employees: none;
Freelance workers: none;
Part-time employees: none;
Volunteers: 3

Declaration of sources of funding

The association is financed by membership fees and donations.
The association does not generate income from taxable economic business operations.
We will publish the income statement in the annual report for 2021 and will audited by an independent auditing and tax consulting company.

Declaration of uses of funds

We use our funds for achieving our goals.
We do not distribute any annual surplus to our members.
We will disclose the identity of our partners, who receive more than 10% of our expenditures.
We will publish the income statement in the annual report for 2021 and it will be audited by an independent auditing and tax consulting company.

Third party affiliations


Names of all persons or legal entities whose annual contributions amount to more than 10% of total annual income


We confirm that the bodies that have binding decisions for our organization meet regularly and that the meetings are minuted. Inquiries to our organization will be answered within a reasonable period of time. The annual accounts are signed by a decision-maker in our organization.

Budapest, November 2021